Blues Guitar Soloist for macOS

Take your phrasing to amazing new levels with this original and challenging solo for electric guitar in the exciting genre of Modern Rock Fusion. Broken down into 30 licks with video at three different speeds, audios, tabs and backing tracks.


Ever ask another guitarist how to solo over a I-IV-V blues progression? Nine times out of ten, you'll be directed to practice a minor-pentatonic box scale. Listen carefully to great blues music, and you'll hear a secret: It's intervals, not scale patterns, that make the magic happen. In this app you'll learn to play in terms of harmonic color and intervals, instead of meandering through scale patterns, in the context of a full original 12-bar blues based on the styles of various blues masters, like B.B King, Buddy Guy or SRV, among others with amazing high quality video and audio in sync with the tab.

With high quality video and audio content you soon will be learning a full 12-bar-blues song, lick by lick and practicing with the included metronome or even cooler: with backing tracks!

Product Features

  • Original 12-bar-blues song with backing track separated in 20 licks
  • 20 HD Videos with animated tab each at three different speeds = 60 videos
  • 20 Licks with audio and backing tracks at three different speeds
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Music theory, lick analysis and additional tips

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or above
Recommended System Requirements:
  • Recommended Processor:   2GHz Quad Core
  • Recommended RAM:   4GB
  • Recommended Video Card:   2D accelerated graphics card
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