Affiliate Program

Earn up to 70 USD per sale

Become an amparosoft affiliate and earn 20% for every sale that comes from sharing your personal affiliate link to your audience and friends of our great deluxe product 500+ "Best Licks - Intuitive Guitar" Full series for Windows, macOS and linux. ( This is a 400 USD product with content valued at 2500 USD and you can earn up to 70 USD for each single sale.

Amparosoft invites you to become an affiliate

How does it work?

Send us an email to with the subject Affiliate, and your name and within 24 hours you'll receive an email from gumroad with your personal link to share it with your audience and friends. After that, Gumroad handles payment and tracking. They usually pay on fridays and through paypal. If you don't have a gumroad account you should create one first. It's free and a very important step in order to link to your paypal account so you can promote the link and receive payments.

I have my link, what do I do now?

Recommend our product to your friends and audience through your preferred social network. It can be anything, some examples are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and email.  We recommend that you know what you're promoting, so try downloading iPracticeMyMusic Player here to evaluate our technology. This free player comes with a few licks that are part of our 500+ Best Licks deluxe product and it can serve as a demo version before full purchase.