About Us

We believe that technology is a great tool for learning in a fun way effectively, it brings people with common likes together, allows the wide spread of talents and most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to grow with or without a teacher. With the right nowadays affordable and accessible tools, there is no excuse.

In amparoSoft, we take pleasure transferring knowledge to motivated people whether musical, educational, individual or organizational through mobile technology solutions.

amparoSoft develops high quality mobile applications specialized on educational music and learning improvement.

Who we are

Juan Reina
CEO, App developer in amparoSoft
Electronic Engineer
M.Sc. Physics
Otto Reina
Musician, Guitar Teacher, Transcriber, App developer in amparoSoft
Licenciate in Music Pedagogy
José Reina
Chief Technology Officer in amparoSoft
Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer
Master in Business Administration