NEW!! 500+ "Best Licks - Intuitive Guitar" Full Series for Windows, macOS and Linux

Want inspiration? Looking for an ever expanding guitar lick library of rare and exciting licks covering many different styles, techniques, music genres, and guitarists?

Best Licks - Intuitive Guitar Series is what you're looking for. A never ending source for inspiration. These challenging and precise tabs in asong format will for certain improve your guitar playing, providing you with a sophisticated library of licks and innovative standalone tools to help you build your own style. Discover amazing and underrated guitar players all over the world.

Be an all rounded player, learn licks from almost any style like Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Shred, Metal, Country, Funk, Blues and more.

All of this collection is valued at 2500 USD, and you'll get it just for 400USD.


  • Hundreds (500+) of exciting guitar licks in the style of amazing guitarists and in many styles of music ranging from Blues, Rock, Fusion, Metal, Country, Funk, Jazz, Shred, and more
  • Lifetime updates. Buy once and get all the new added licks in this series for free
  • It includes Amparosoft's iPracticeMyMusic Player for asong files with
  • Advanced tab section with speed, equalizer, tonality controls, loops, and speed trainer
  • Video and animations in sync with the tab
  • No need for external software, just our player

What are asong files?

A .asong file is our innovative way of distributing compact musical content for learning without the need of external software. Download our player and start learning these lick series in style, with loops, tempo change, pitch controls and a speed trainer. Usually, one needs different software to learn a lick/song, for instance, a PDF viewer, an audio/video player, and/or a tablature viewer. None of these tools can handle tab/partiture, video and audio in the same software and one needs to switch from one application to the next in order to learn the music. Amparosoft's iPracticeMyMusicPlayer and asong files have everything you need in one place, for better and faster results while making your learning experience more enjoyable.

What our users think:

  • You should get an award for transcribing all these licks! Thanks a lot. Keep it up!
  • I love this app! The creator has created a very versatile app that covers every style while making it accessible for every level of player! Totally recommend it!
  • Great App for learning new licks and progressing at the guitar
  • Some top notch licks. I was expecting beginner level stuff only, but this has bebop, fusion along with great blues licks.
  • AmparoSoft you are a lovely friend of us, guitarists. Thanks for making Guitar Shred Mastery and this app. Really Thanks!
  • Excellent work!! It has licks of my favourite guitarists. I recommend it!
  • Best app to learn awesome licks...lots of content with a lot of options like Changing speed to help learn and play at the same time and so easy to use...check it out


amparosoft's iPracticeMyMusic Player for Windows, macOS & Linux OSs (included in the package)

  • Windows 8.1 or above
  • macOS 10.12 or above
  • Linux 64 bits
  • 5 GB disk space


Browse all asong files for licks, songs, practice routines or exercises here:

Other platforms:

Best Licks - Intuitive Guitar is also available for Android here: It's a free download and it requires a subscription in order to get access to all of the licks. This is a separate product although it shares the same licks.

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