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Shred Guitar Mastery. Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of shred licks, video, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, backing tracks and audios.


Ever ask another guitarist how to solo over a I-IV-V blues progression? Nine times out of ten, you'll be directed to practice a minor-pentatonic box scale. Listen carefully to great blues music, and you'll hear a secret: It's intervals, not scale patterns, that make the magic happen. In this app you'll learn to play in terms of harmonic color and intervals, instead of meandering through scale patterns, in the context of a full original 12-bar blues based on the styles of various blues masters, like B.B King, Buddy Guy or SRV, among others with amazing high quality video and audio in sync with the tab. 

What you get:
• 22 Guitar Pro files with 20 original licks + 2 bonus licks (.gp5 and .gpx)
• Bonus from Jamtrack version:  
    • 22 PDF files with Music theory, lick analysis and additional tips
    • 1 Video performance of all 20 licks

Blues Guitar Soloist is also available for Android, PC and Mac, and as a Jamtrack with video, audio, backing  tracks and more.

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All music is composed by Otto Reina

Price: $2.99