Lick 02 from Shred Guitar Mastery Jamtracks

Shred Guitar Mastery. Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of shred licks, video, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, backing tracks and audios.


Free Tab, audios, videos and backing tracks from  27 Licks - Shred Guitar Mastery -Jamtracks

What you get:
• 1 tab (PDF, gp5, gpx)
• 3 backing tracks (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 3 Videos with animated tab (Fast/Slow/SuperSlow)
• 3 Videos with fretboard patterns (Fast/Slow/SuperSlow)
• 3 Audios (Fast/Slow/SuperSlow)

What you get in the full version:  
• 27 Licks + 11 Backing tracks
• 81 Lick Videos with embedded animated tab (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 81 Lick Videos with fretboard patterns (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 81 MP3 Audio files (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 33 Lick Backings (Fast/slow/Superslow)
• 27 Guitar Pro files (gp5/gpx)
• 27 PDF files with Music theory, lick analysis and additional tips



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