Blues Guitar Soloist: Blues soloing techniques for the intermediate guitarist with tabs and videos with video at three different speeds, audios, tabs and backing tracks.

In this page we present some gear like products Otto uses in his videos, or that we recommend. (Click on the images, they have direct links to the product on Amazon)



There are many good picks to choose from, and it's a matter of how good you feel with the pick. Does it feel the same when it's new or when it's worn out. Do I like its size, thickness, design? Picks are not pricey and can have great impact on your playing, so it's a good decision to try out many and then decide for one or two that fit your requirements. It might be a physical thing or the tone it helps you produce with your playing. But we decided on the Dunlop Jazz III for its good tone, nice grip (it doesn't slip off easily during a concert), size and feel. After we tried it, we knew that the search was over.



Have you heard of a Variax? Do you know what it is? It's really cool, it is a "regular" electric guitar with added electronics to model many guitars with just one (like a Gibson, Stratocaster, or even a banjo). Otto played Cliffs of Dover ( with a Variax 600 which is now an older model that doesn't have regular pickups but piezo ones. You can even alter the tunning or change guitars with the push of a button. It's really cool, you could try the new models out which have improved a lot.

If you're not ready yet for a Variax, a magnificent electric guitar is the Steve Vai's Ibanez Jem7v. Versatile, precise, effective and beautiful guitar.


Is amp modelling up to the task? There's nothing like the real deal, right? Well... I am not sure, having thousands of great sounds at your disposal, switching amps with the push of a pedal, auto discovering tones, great recording quality -direct to your computer via USB, or even controlling your device with a bluetooh. And the sounds? I could say it opened many doors which would have required thousands of dollars just to test out and it made me a better player . It can even sound fantastic too. Remember at the end it's all in your hands and your ears, not your gear... but this is a must have!