Guthrie Govan - 32nd Note Strumming

Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of shred licks, video, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, backing tracks and audios.


Here's the full guitar transcription of Guthrie Govan's 32nd Note Strumming Example, transcribed from the lesson 'Guthrie Govan's stupefying strumming' by Jude Gold. It's 0:42 seconds of Guthrie Govan at his best, using his super clean strumming techniques. This transcription was done to a painstaking level of detail and accuracy, covering every nuance in Guthrie Govan's playing.

It contains:

  • Guitar Pro 6 (.gpx) file
  • Pdf version
  • Video with animated tab

Price: $10.00