Guitar Master Sweeper - Economy Picking Mechanics I -Just Tabs

Take your phrasing to amazing new levels with this original and challenging solo for electric guitar in the exciting genre of Modern Rock Fusion. Broken down into 30 licks with video at three different speeds, audios, tabs and backing tracks.


All the exercises/licks are completely original and have been created from the need to resolve various difficulties that surfaced from the exploration of the different picking mechanics involved in economy picking, of which sweeping is an example. There are quite a few picking mechanics that have never been explored and are never taught. Normally the student learns a few stock sweeping licks that are arpeggio-based and consist of playing all the notes in the arpeggios in an ascending or descending manner, never skipping a note or exploring different options other than close-position dispositions of an arpeggio. No matter how many inversions/fingerings you know, an arpeggio is going to sound like an arpeggio. The rhythm in which these licks are traditionally played is also very fits very evenly within the metric of a 4/4 bar. These two factors have contributed to generate a disinterest in the technique since most guitarists played the same patterns over and over and it became difficult to apply the technique without sounding overly technical and predictable.

Here we take a different approach: We work in groups of strings or 'string sets', and by doing that you get a new perspective on the instrument. The idea is that by practicing the various picking mechanics that we teach you, that are found within different combinations of string sets, you will be working your picking hand in a very thorough manner so that eventually the regular sweep picking patterns will seem very easy to you and you will develop a very competent picking hand without any weak spots as far as sweeping goes.

What you get:
• 20 Original & methodical sweep picking exercises in Guitar Pro format (.gp5, .gpx)
• Bonus:
  • 20 PDF files with exercises with its description and tab from the jamtracks version
  • 1 complete lick from the jamtracks version with audios, videos, right hand animations.

Guitar Master Sweeper/Economy Picking Mechanics I is also available for Android, PC and Mac, or as Jamtracks.

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All music is composed and played by Otto Reina

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